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2005 November 30:
Annual march of little dogs down the Laugavegur street took place on Saturday. Generally, dogs have not the entrance on this street but in the only one day in every year they get the permission. Thanks to that dogs are able to see lightening up of holiday ornaments with their owners. The march passed from Hlemmur to the City Hall where the restaurant Vöffluvagninn invited participants on hot wafers and cocoas. After the passage of pupils and their owners Laugavegur became opened for the traffic.

2005 November 29:
Laugavegur streed has been reopened again and the new parking space has been made available. The chairman of the City Council, Alfreð Þorsteinsson, performed the inauguration of this building. The new parking space will contain 193 cars in the basement and at first will be free. In 2006 higher storeys of this building will be built. On the street-level will be the space of the shops with the size of 950 m² and on II-IV storeys 31 flats will be built. The competition on the name for the parking space is announced. Proposals will be collected to 23 December 2005.

2005 November 28:
Ásbjörn Björgvinsson, the manager of the Whale Watching Centre in Húsavík opened yesterday the box with the skeleton of the narwhal whose museum got as a present from friendly Greenlandic town - Qeqertarsuaq (Godthåb). The stench rose from the box was terrible because the narwhal was shot in February this year. "The present" came to Iceland on May and lay in a closed box buried and left to the fermentation till yesterday. The skeleton has 6 m length and the long tooth characteristic for the narwhal has 2,19 m. Ásbjörn and Þorvaldur Björnsson, the worker of the Icelandic Institute of The Natural History, approached at once to cleaning of the skeleton. It will last all the winter. Probably on the spring it will be placed in the museum.

2005 November 27:
A few of the Fjarðaál Project employees have joined the choir and it is safe to say that it has become an international choir. The eight employees that participate all come from different continents; from Iceland, Canada, Australia, England and Chile. The choir has around 50 people total. The oratorio has been rehearsed since October. The church choirs have rehearsed in each community every week and on Sunday all the choirs gather for a practice. This weekend the North-Iceland Orchestra will join the choir and the performance will be given on Sunday. The concert will be held in the Eskifjörður Church at 16:00 and in Egilsstaðir Church at 19:00.

2005 November 26:
About 140 workers of Brim firm from Akureyri took part in the health action which goal is to help workers to remain in the better health and the psychical form. Activities during the action were very varied. Among other within the framework of the working period, the employee became invited to yoga, massage and the learning of stretching exercises. Andrea Waage, the employee of Brim was responsible for superintending of the action and she said that the familiarize of workers with possibilities of the relaxation on-the-job is very important. The future utilization of their knowledge will improve their physical and intellectual form and will enlarge the efficiency of workers and thanks to this the firm will work better.

2005 November 25:
Two Lithuanians were sentenced for 3 years of prison for the smuggling to Iceland 4 kilos of amphetamine. Criminals went from Lithuania, in Denmark got on the ferry Nörrona and sailed to Seyðisfjörður. They were arrested there during the inspection when drugs were detected. Both men claimed that knew nothing about the amphetamine in the car but the judge was convinced about their guilt.

2005 November 24:
Icelandic waters become impoverished in the cod population. Such conclusion was drawn out by researchers from the Maritime Research Institute (Hafrannsóknastofnun Íslands; Hafró on the basis of investigative expeditions on the sea round westerly Fiords and gulfs and fiords of the northern country. Clearly "the class of the cod" 2005 is the weakest from 1991. The population of shrimps which has never been so small as this year was also decreased. Because of these reasons, Hafró recommends the prohibition of the shrimps fishing this winter.

2005 November 23:
Despite of five-years campaign for the maintenance of the nature what is guided by the World Wildlife of Treats; WWF, dam projects are continued worldwide. According to the foundation such activities cause not only othe destruction of the nature but they make social harms. Right away over 400 great dams are constructed on the world and next hundreds are in plans. On the black list WWF 6 most criticized and carrying harm projects were found. Among them Icelandic Kárahnjúkar is also on the list and the another projects are from: Belize, Turkey, two projects in Laos, Spain and Australia.

2005 November 22:
Icelandic national team of cooks is taking the participation in contest for the world cup which is taking place in Basel (Switzerland) and ends on Wednesday. Yesterday three-course meal in sum for 110 persons was prepared. The Icelandic entrée was made from the trout, on the main dish Islanders served the steak and on the dessert - the chocolate cake in ice shells with the sherbet from the white chocolate. Now Icelandic cooks are working over courses of the cold table which will be served tomorrow at 7 in the morning. It will be a hard-working night.

2005 November 21:
Lamps on Christmas decorations hunging over shopping streets downtown Reykjavík was lighted on Saturday. Inhabitants gathered on Hlemmur at 16:15. After the ceremony of the lightening in which among other the chairman of the City Council, Alfreð Þórsteinsson participated, people in the companionship of Juletide Lads, accordionists and pop singers, ran into the march on Laugavegur. On Saturday Juletide Lads visited also inhabitants of Akureyri. They came from the hill Hlíðarfjall on Glerátorg, to come in for people and to pass the streets of the city like every year.

2005 November 20:
Icelandic Church has not yet established the position concerning marriages by homosexual pairs. The bishop of Iceland, Karl Sigurbjörnsson claims that both the Church and the society stay still undecided in this matter.

2005 November 19:
"Íslandsatlas" - the new atlas of Iceland appeared on the market. First copies were handed yesterday in Bessastaðir to the president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and the minister of the environment - Sigríður Anna Þórðardóttir. All Iceland, from the tiptop to sea coasts and islands is pictured in the scale of 1:100 000. No other atlas of Iceland does not equal to new. The technics in which the atlas was made allowed to obtain the unusual precision and the realism in picturing of mountains, depths of valleys and wastes so Iceland seems to look like from bird's-eye to the reader.

2005 November 18:
Drinking skyr from MS and Norðurmjólk, the 26% Gouda cheese from Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga and the condensed milk and the milk-AB from MS won golden medals on the exhibition of milk products in Herning on Jutland (Denmark). This competition is the greatest suchlike on the world. Results were announced this morning. Near 2000 kinds of the cheese, the milk and other fresh milk products were priced in the competition. Icelandic products won into 5 categories. In total, Iceland was given 10 golden, 20 silver and 20 bronze medals. For the first time products from all Scandinavian countries were compared each other.

2005 November 17:
Electrician from the Rarik firm was paralysed by current with about the tension of 11000 V during his work on the pillar of high-tension in Blönduós. The man suffered serious burns, mostly feet. Fortunately, he was managed to call in the help. The electrician first has been taken to the hospital in Blönduós and afterwards he has been transported to the hospital in Reykjavík. Now specialists will check why the event occured.

2005 November 16:
The 16 November is a Day of Icelandic Language. That day is a birthday of the national great poet Jónas Hallgrímsson. Because of this occasion celebrations take place in schools, institutions and firms. In the museum at Keflavíkurkirkja the special "party" in honour literatures, destinated for young people aged 10-16 will take place. The Great Dictation will be organized in elementary schools in the whole country. For the tenth time in Duus-hús in Reykjanesbær the Prize of Jónas Hallgrímsson for persons which have the greatest contribution into the development of the native language will be handed by the minister of the culture. Celebrations of the Day of Icelandic Language will last until Saturday. That day on the University of Iceland the meeting will take place when matters of the language purity will be bring up.

2005 November 15:
Today the device to the production of snow which was installed above Hlíðarfjall by several months was opened in Akureyri. The impetus with the snow is shoot by snow making facilities caused that the part of snow dropped on the Nonnahús museum downtown. Right away the conditions to the production of snow are ideal in Akureyri. It is 5-6 degrees of the frost. The system cost 110 millions ISK. At the slope the artificial lake has been formed which contains 18,5 thousands m³ of water. The device gets water with the speed of 80 litres per second.

2005 November 14:
Greenland parliamentarian submit his pretence that now the flight from Greenland to Iceland takes to 9 hours. Danish authorities are not interested in the resume of direct flights between Iceland and Greenland. The contract on direct flights between Reykjavík and Narsarsuaq expired in august. Till then both governments supported financially flights on this rout with the total sum of 25 millions ISK.

2005 November 13:
Icelandic press informs that Scandinavian nations are afraid of salmonella infection in association with such infection in Norway. Norwegian Sanitary and Epidemiological Service is convinced that infected meat which became a reason of serious illnesses in their country camed from Poland. Till now 4 cases of the salmonella infection were confirmed but it is suspected that the quantity of them will increase, because the meat from the unlucky pack came to thousands of shops in Norway. Authorities try to withdraw this meat as soon as possible from the shops but the operation and the withdraw of the entire infected product is difficult because the large part of the meat has been already sold.

2005 November 12:
700 new flats is planning to be built on the housing estate "Slippasvæði" at Mýragata not far from Reykjavík port. The clerk liable for the planning of the city extension, Dagur Eggertsson, claims that buildings should have got from three to five storeys. He would also like to create restaurants and shops there. "It is the true injection of the novelty downtown which Reykjavík have not seen before" - said Dagur. According to him buildings will be built to 2010.

2005 November 11:
Ski season in Akureyri have been officially opened on Saturday. About 10:00 ski runs on Hlíðarfjall hill was opened where came 2000 lovers of this sport. Conditions to skiing are now super there. The ski season began on Hlíðarfjall very early this year. Such early season have not taken place since 24 years. In about half month the system to the production of artificial snow there will start. It is still under construction. If snow it would lack skiers will not have to despair. Artificial snow will assure the continuous amusement on slopes.

2005 November 10:
Three police cars stopped the driver who tried to avoid peyment for the benzine which he filled up to its own car on Saturday on the station Shell at Vesturlandsvegur. After pouring of the fuel to the petrol tank, the man went away without the payment. The police did not need the long time to catch the thief. In a moment he was already in their arms, caught at Hestháls. Such runs from the station are rare in the capital but lately the considerably increase of such cases are noticed.

2005 November 09:
The festival of the Icelandic culture will begin in Cologne in 9 days. This event will be prepared with a large force on the occasion of the 50-years anniversary of the Germany - Icelandic Friendship. The programme of the festival will be really interested and varied. It will be presentation of the Icelandic painting, films, photos, music and literature. 100 artists will partake in the event. The cost of it is estimated on 35 millions ISK.

2005 November 08:
Today morning the internet connection between Iceland and the rest of the world, well-known as Farice, was broken for a short time. From the Farice opening in 2004 the connection was broken 14 times. Farice is realized by means the under-water cable between Faroe Islands and Great Britain. The operator of Farice is the company FARICE hf. which belongs among other to Símin, Og Vodafone, the government of Iceland and ForoyaTele (Telecommunication of Faroe Islands).

2005 November 07:
A brewery is going to be open in Litla Árskógssandur (in Eyjafjörður) soon. The marriage couple: Agnes Sigurðardóttir and Ólafur Þröstur Ólafsson went just to Czech Republic to buy suitable equipment to this purpouse. The factory will be situated in the special steel room with 300 m² area which will be finished soon. The brewery is expected to produce 200 thousands litres of beer per year.

2005 November 06:
Íslandsbanki gave a banquet on the occasion of opening its office in London. Many guests participated in this ceremony, among others President of Iceland with his wife. Íslandsbanki managers presented the activity of the bank. They spoke about business venture they undertook lately. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson said that it was greatly satisfied that he could stand by the expansion Íslandsbanki internationally. Íslandsbanki cooperates with greatest firms on the world, among others with Havila - the greatest Norwegian firm.

2005 November 05:
The foreign minister, Geir H. Haarde, is the most popular minister in Iceland. Icelanders. 61% of Icelanders and 80% of Geir's party members is satisfied with his work. On the second place is Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir (52% - 2% above in the preceding poll). Every third inhabitant of Iceland is satisfied with the work of Prime Minister.

2005 November 04:
Reykhólar community is making efforts for the recovery of the 3000 of valuable books which were taken away from Flatey island in seventies in the last century. At the time there were no suitable conditions on the island to the storage and the protection the vauable books from destruction so the decision was to take them away from Flatey. Now the new sports hall has been built in the community. The idea came into being that the museum can be situated in the old gym hall where books would be stored. The part from them would be transported on Flatey again. Books would be situated in the glass wardrobe and open to visitors.

2005 November 03:
Íslandspóstur issues today two series of new stamps. One of them concerns the ornithological subject and will present a greylag goose and a starling. The second series refers to Christmas. Holiday- stamps are unusual because they are aromatic. They smell a young spruce, an apple and a cinnamon.

2005 November 02:
DeCode Institute has received a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health to search for gene variants that play an important role in nicotine dependence. Under the four-year grant, deCODE will conduct a large-scale gene discovery effort using both its population resources in Iceland as well as additional studies in the US and Europe. Employing its comprehensive genealogical data and detailed smoking history questionnaires completed by tens of thousands of Icelanders, deCODE will analyze genotypic data from study participants with moderate to severe nicotine addiction from large extended families from across the country. Small regions of particular chromosomes that tend to be shared by those with nicotine dependence will then be genotyped in detail, enabling the identification of variants of specific genes that predispose to dependence. Variants found in Iceland will then be validated in American and European cohorts. Smoking is a leading risk factor for a great number of debilitating and deadly diseases, and addiction to nicotine is one of the principle factors that keeps many people smoking and makes it difficult for many to quit. An understanding of the genetics of nicotine dependence may contribute to the development of more effective smoking-cessation strategies.

2005 November 01:
Polish workers in Kárahnjúkar who were hired through the job agency 2B have to go back home. However they decided not to leave till they get their salaries. Today they came to Egilsstaðir to check their bank accounts in Landsbanki and to send the money their families in Poland. A few workers from this group try quickly to find a new work in other places.

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