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2005 September 30:
The first orphanage in Sweden will be open today in Linköping. Celebration will honoured with participation of the queen Sylvia. Last year during the official visit on Iceland the queen visited the Icelandic orphanage. This establishment arouse admiration abroad, especially in Scandinavian countries. Swedes organized their own orphanage after the example the Icelandic one so the manager of Barnaverndarstofa (the Government Agency for the Child Protection), Bragi Guðbrandsson and the ambassador of Iceland in Stockholm were invided to the opening ceremony in Linköping.

2005 September 29:
During the round-up of sheeps on Elliðaey island a lot of dead and young birds were found. Among them there were 50 puffins and 20 kittiwakes. Some of them was already gnawed by other birds. The employee of the of the Natural Institute in South Iceland (Náttúrustofa Suðurlands ) took dead birds on further and more detailed research. On the webpage of the Institute there is also the information about other cases of stranded dead puffins on Heimaey. It is obvious that losses in the population of these birds will be large in the near future.

2005 September 28:
Yesterday morning electricity lacking appeared in Ólafsvík, Rif and Hellisandur. In Ólafsvík a damage power supply were started by means diesel engines.Inhabitants were asked for the saving use of energy at this time. The employee of Rarik (the State Icelandic Energy) waited with repair at the place of the damage because the strong wind made impossible all activities. In the afternoon four damages were found on the line Vegamót-Ólafsvík. As far as the weather permits the repair will be continued.

2005 September 27:
Two foreigners protesting at the aluminium smelter in Straumsvík were arrested on Friday by the police from Hafnafjörður. They committed the brawl on the Alcan area to which the factory belongs. Two roisterers were in the group of 15 protesters and tried to stop the bus which were going from the factory by throwing smoke rockets on the way before the bus. The police let on the protest but on condition that its participants will not perturb. The protest took place at the same time when participants of the conference about aluminium production were in the factory.

2005 September 26:
Conference concerning the island Surtsey took place on Vestmannaeyjar on friday. The minister of the Environment, Sigríður Anna Þóðardóttir, claims that now it is not the proper moment for opening Surtsey for the tourist traffic but it is possible to create the conditions for sailing round the island. In that way, Icelandic firms organizing tourist excursions will be able to acquaint guests with this young island. The minister speaks that one day perhaps it will be possible to protect the island so that tourists could explore Surtsey but not yet.

2005 September 25:
Höfuðborgarsamtökin (The Capital Association) demands of Reykjavík authorities taking necessary steps so that the Management of Icelandic Civil Aviation does no treat Reykjavík airport as a reserve airport for Keflavík one. The Association claims that such situations which took place last week are not accepted. It refers for example to the case when 4 British planes landed on the capital airfield instead in Keflavík. According to Höfuðborgarsamtökin, authorities should demand the report concerning the safety of city population in the connection with such work of the airport in Reykjavík. The preparation of such report should be a condition of the further permission for the airport management to the end of 2009.

2005 September 24:
Two eggs were frown on the building of Icelandic government at Lækjargata the day before yesterday. The man at his 40's was committed this offence. The policeman who was in the building, noticed the incident, ran out outside and held the offender. The man was taken on the police station at Hverfisgata to make a report from the event. The offender could go home but probably he will be mulcted for this offence which is recognized as much serious.

2005 September 23:
A lot of people from Ísafjörður will have to become evacuated because of falling down stones from tops of mountains near the city. The mayor of Ísafjörður, Halldór Halldórsson, say that loosely laying stones on mountain slopes are very dangerous and it is necessary to remove them regularly to prevent avalanches by causing controlled stone avalanches. When the removing of stones is finished in Ísafjörður, the similar work will be performed in Suðureyri situated several kilometres from Ísafjörður.

2005 September 22:
About 6 000 of sheeps and 200 persons took part last week in yearly "assembling" of sheep from mountains - Oddstaðarétt in Lundarreykjadalur. As Davíð Pétursson - head of Skorradalur community says, all people enjoyed well in ths event; bottles corks shot traditionally at toasts. Plays and singings lasted afterwards till late. The most of sheep which were assembled during Oddstaðarétt are from Andakíl, Lundarreykjadalur and Borgarnes region but guests came from several parts of the country, what is a custom of Oddstaðarétt.

2005 September 21:
Four jet multi-role planes of the Harrier type owned by British army, landed last Friday on the Reykjavík airfield. Planes flew from the RAF base in Kinloss (Scotland) to Keflavík. They could not however land there because of low visibility and it was decided that planes have to land on the capital airfield. On Monday at about 1 pm Harriers left Iceland and flew to their base. Icelandic media publish photos of Harriers landing and starting in Reykjavík. Machines look flash with Perlan on the background...

2005 September 20:
McDonald's restaurants in Reykjavík have not got hands to work. Lyst ehf. which leads these restaurants needs 10 - 15 persons and considers to look for them outside Iceland. In McDonald's 100 persons work; 50 of them on the full time. The manager Lystar, Magnús Ögmundsson, says that so bad situation did not take place in the last five years. The firm plans to employ people from Portugal or countries of Eastern Europe. Research will be carry on by agencies of the temporary work and among foreigners which work or worked in McDonald's.

2005 September 19:
On Saturday about 100 persons took part in cycle race in Reykjavík on the occasion of Cycle Days within the European Mobility Week. At 15:30 the bicycle race round Tjörnin lake took place wherein the best cyclists of Iceland started. Several streets round the lake were closed during the race. For the first time the bicycle race downtown Reykjavík were organized in 1926. The Mobility Week began on Friday, September the16-th and will last to Thursday, September the 22-nd. Within the celebrations people can take part in lectures and sport or cultural events which have to encourage them to the promotion of the idea of an environmentally safe mean of transport and simultaneously - comfortable for people.

2005 September 18:
Yesterday at 5 pm the body of Friðrik Ásgeir Hermannsson has been found. He lost his life a week ago in the crush of a boat near Viðey. The body was found by means a under-water camera not far from the place of the event. The scale of the search in this case was the greatest in last years. About 150 persons looked for the body on the sea-coast from Grótta on Hofsvík to Kjalarnes, and the seabed was searched by 30 divers. Besides, the ship of The Coastguard was used, 2 rescue boats and 11 boats. The investigation in this matter has been finished yet.

2005 September 17:
Minister of Social Affairs Árni Magnússon has announced that he is putting together a men group that will focus on equal rights issues. Árni says the idea was inspired by former Icelandic president Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. Former president of Iceland was giving a speech at the city theatre on equal rights last fall to a full house but it was able to count the number of men in the room on one hand. Then Vigdís asked, ´Where are the men?´" Minister of Social Affairs hopes that this "men group" would increase awareness among men regarding what impact they can have in supporting equal rights at work and at home.

2005 September 16:
According to the new IMG Gallup survey, accomplished for the British BBC station citizens of Iceland, Austria and Luxemburg are those nations who are the most proud of their nationality affiliation. The survey was conducted in 68 countries on almost 50000 respondents.

2005 September 15:
Confessors of the old Icelandic religion Ásatrú want to sell their residence of 1000 ² on the III floor of building at Grandargarður 8 in Reykjavík. Ásatrú will choose the best offer from those with the biggest amount but not less than 95 millions ISK. The company Eignarhaldsfélagið Verðbréfaþing hf. is the most interested in buying this space. They also are the owners of another floor in that building.

2005 September 14:
The trail against Italian company Impregilo and other subcontractors of works connected with building of the dam in Kárahnjúkar was postponed because of the changing of judge. The trial concerned the man who died on the job at the building work site. The other subcontractors are: Arnarfelli and VIJV. A new judge for this case will be Ragnheiður Bragadóttir.

2005 September 13:
Icelandair will start scheduled flights between Keflavík and Manchester from the April 2006. CEO of Icelandair Jón Karl Ólafsson said that clients flying to Great Britain can choose between airports in London Heathrow, Glasgow and new target airport - Manchester. He also added that with a new destination Icelandair has spread its tourist offer in Great Britain.

2005 September 12:
Davíð Oddsson the former Prime Minister of Iceland and current Minister of Foreign Affairs announced at the press conference that he was Davíð Oddsson has a long political career. In the year 1974 he worked to the Reykjavík City Council. He was a Mayor of Reykjavík from the year 1981 to 1991 and then a member of Icelandic Parliament (Alþingi) on behalf of Independence Party. To the year 2004 he was an Icelandic Prime Minister but he was forced to resign for the Halldór Ásgrísson.

2005 September 11:
Every city bus of Strætó driving around Reykjavík is equipped with GPS system. A new idea came up not long ago to use this equipment do precise describing when bus will appear at the bus stops. All bus stops will be equipped in a special mechanism which will show the waiting time for a bus. Calculations will be conducted by using GPS systems mentioned above.

2005 September 10:
The movement "Protect Childhood" is begining the campaign the goal of which is to pay attention on the state of children in the country and matters of parenting. According to RÚV, brochures will be distributed to every home in the country to educate people about children´s mental and physical health as well as what parents need to know about upbringing their children. The campaign is expected to continue for the next 10 months and is co-sponsored by the Prime Minister´s Office, the National Church of Iceland and the Children´s Welfare Fund.

2005 September 09:
Minister of Health Jón Kristjánsson has met in Reykjavík with the workers of Landspítali - háskólasjúkrahús and introduced a project of building a new, modern and very well equipped hospital. Government decided to intend for this purpose 18 billion ISK from the year 2007 to 2012. In a new hospital a very complicated surgical operations will be conducted. It would be also a place for the Medical Science Center.

2005 September 08:
The video rental Frummynd from Ísafjörður has bankrupted this week. Because of that inhabitants of Ísafjörður has no choice and now they can go only to the last video rental firm in town -Hamraborg. Video rental companies does not bring to their owners enough earnings as earlier, mostly because of popularization of web TV and the satellite television. Clients who have borrowed video cassettes or DVDs from Frummynd should turn them back to Tryggvi Guðmundsson -the lawyer who leads the case of Frummynd bankruptcy.

2005 September 07:
Work related accidents have been increasing at the site of construction of the Kárahnjúkar dam project in the east of Iceland. Five accidents have occurred in the past two days with three happening in the mornings. Construction of the project is overdue due to the underestimation of rising waters from melting ice in the summer, faults of machines and labour-related conflicts.

2005 September 06:
In spite of trial against Baugur Group management, including the CEO Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, the company still develops. Baugur is still investing in business all over the world, mostly in Great Britain. The company has a plan to intend for investments even 500 millions British pounds. Not long ago Baugur bought the big block of stock of HBOS - fourth regarding assets British bank. Baugur Group wants also to invest 200 millions pounds for shopping mall in Northumberland and Oxfordshire.

2005 September 05:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Utanríkisráðuneytið) is looking for any information which could help to know what was happened with the missing Icelandic woman. She lives in Mississippi (USA) and her family has a problem to contact her after the attack of hurricane Katrina. A family of Lilja Aðalbjörg Ólafsdóttir Hansch had contacted her for the last time on Monday when Katrina was arriving her town - Gulfport.

2005 September 04:
Kjartan Jakob Haugsson has finished his kayak journey around Iceland. On Saturday about 2 p.m. he sailed to the Reykjavík harbour. Kjartan Jakob is a professional diver and also a businessmen. He decided to sail out for his cruise to gather money for handicapped childrens. The daredevil was sailing at nights because the sea is more calm at this time. Kjartan Jakob is a first person who done that.

2005 September 03:
Selling of ptarmigan meat will be forbidden and the hunting season for this birds will be seriously shorted. This is the decision of the Minister of Environment Sigríður Anna Þórdardóttir. Now season starts from 15 October and stays even to 30 November. Icelandic Natural History Institute estimates that it would be possible to hunt up to 70000 ptarmigans. In Iceland 5000 people hunt ptarmigans. From the moment, when government allowed to gun for this birds, their population decreased almost thrice.

2005 September 02:
The results of the IMG Gallup poll show that 43% of Icelanders want to join the European Union. 37% of them were against the idea and 20% - had no opinion. These results show a small drop against the last February poll on the same topic. Then 45% favoured joining the EU, 34% were against and 21% with no opinion. One of the more contentious areas of EU membership is the sovereignty of Iceland´s fishing waters.

2005 September 01:
The Icelandic courses for foreigners offered by Námsflokkur have been taken over by language centre Mímir. The cost of 50 hours of Icelandic classes has jumped from 17,000 ISK to 22,000 ISK. It is caused by authorities who decided that if the company wants to receive partial city funding they must raise their fee to 22,000 ISK. By law, a foreigner must attend for 150 hours of language classes in order to apply for permanent residency.

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