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2005 July 31:
The river Skaftá overflowed today. On Saturday Meteorogical Office already warned about such danger. First signs of the flood were noticed between 4 and 5 in the morning, when the greater water flow in the river began. Yesterday about the noon it amounted 270 m³/s, at 15:30 - 360 m³/s and at 18:00 - 400 m³/s. People wonder if the flood will be comparable with this one from 2000 and from 2002 year.

2005 July 30:
From 8000 to 10000 persons is expected on celebration of the Bank Holiday on Vestmannaeyjar this weekend. According to observers there are already about 3000 guests on the island Heimaey. The Bank Holiday is celebrated in the whole Iceland but just on Heimaey this holiday is the most sumptuous and the most Icelanders and foreigners gathers in this place.

2005 July 29:
Asphalt on 2-3 km fragment of the ring-road, north of Víðigerði in Húnavatnsýsla melts because of high temperatures. The temperature in this region reaches 23°C. The Public Road Administration decided to spill gravel on this road to diminish the risk of accidents due to melting asphalt.

2005 July 28:
The Icelandic policeman from the international airport in Keflavík was seriously frightened of the Víkurfréttir journalist which went round at the main abode of airport security, not far side- exit from the airfield. The policeman informed the military police, that he suspects that the man could be a suicide bomber. Fortunately it appeared that it had been only a mistake and the oversensitiveness of Icelandic police. The journalist was waiting for the convoy with the load of old cars and weapons which were transported to Iceland for needs of the film "Flags of our Fathers" by Clint Eastwood. The man wanted to make photos of this transportation.

2005 July 27:
In the last weekend the flood at Kárahnjúkar has begun. Jökulsá á Dal has overflowed. The water level went up and yesterday evening reached the maximum but now the water level is already dropping. The bridge on the river was closed yesterday because of safety considerations. The spokesman Landsvirkjun for Kárahnjúkar claims however that this spate is not as large as it was in the last year.

2005 July 26:
Flugfélag Íslands signed the 5-years contract with authorities of Greenland about sheduled flights between Iceland and Greenland. For this purpose Flugfélag Íslands has bought two planes of the Dash-8 type which can take aboard 39 passengers each. Dash-8 is a modern plane, similar in many details to Fokker which had been owned by Flugfélag Íslands yet.

2005 July 25:
New airport in Varmahlið was put into use on Saturday. The landing of six private planes opens the inauguration ceremony. The airport is under the management of Flugmálafélag Íslands - the Icelandic aeroclub. Local inhabitants will run the airport. Pilots have at command a airstrip of 650 m length destined for small planes. Among persons who landed on the airport in Varmahlið on Saturday was Arngrímur Jóhannsson the president of Flugmálafélag Íslands.

2005 July 24:
Kristján Loftsson, the manager of Hvalur hf. claims that the whaling ban costs at least 100 millions ISK since the year 1990. This is due to harbour charges, insurances, payments and costs of the maintenance of factories and ships to fishing of these mammals. Hvalur hf. owns factories and barracks in Hvalfjörður and 4 whaleboats which haven’t sailed out on halves since the year 1990.

2005 July 23:
Icelandic Statistical Office published latest data concerning unemployment in the second term of 2005 (from 4.04 to 3.07). It amounted 3% and about 5000 persons was without work. A the same time the labour force has increased. The amount of working people grew up by 6000 with relation to of the same period last year and was equal 164 thousands persons.

2005 July 22:
Triplets, two girls and one boy were born last Friday in Reykjavík. It was the first time, since 28 years, when triplets were born on Iceland artlessly. The mother, Sveinborg Hauksdóttir and the father, Stefán Arinbjarnarson, asked for the the natural childbirth, though in such cases the caesarean operation is usually done. The childbirth lasted about 15 min., the mother and infants feel fine. Sveinborg and Stefán had already one child - the ten years old son.

2005 July 21:
Egilsstaðir has been chosen as a best place for the cloister of Franciscans. The cloister will be built during two years and its first inhabitants will be monks from Slovakia. The reason of their settlement in eastern Iceland is that they wish to serve to the more and more greater group of the Catholic community in the north-east part of the island.

2005 July 20:
The construction of the dam in Kárahnjúkar exceeded its own planned budget. The project took up 90 mld ISK. About 9 mld was not planned and Landsvirkjun (the national power station) has to pay this sum to Impregilo workers. The half of the sum was already paid, but Impregilo suspended drillings explaining this situation by technical problems. Landsvirkjun assures, that whatever go the project will be finished.

2005 July 19:
Such big group of tourists have never sailed to Iceland, to the Reykjavík port, at the same time, then in the Thursday evening. 4000 passengers came by large, luxurious ferries: Sea Princess and Aurora. To this number the crews of ships are not included yet. These persons strongly enlarged the number of people going out then on the Icelandic land. Each ferry has about 900 persons of the crew! It is estimated that such number of tourists will spend in the capital about 25 millions ISK every day.

2005 July 18:
Leifur Leifsson as first man went up the mountain Esja on the weelchair and he did it in a very short time - 3 hours. At first the time needed to go up was estimated as about 8 hours, but the result appeared much better. Esja is a mountain situated near Reykjavík. Its height is 914 metres.

2005 July 17:
New road from Laugarvatn to Reykjavík is planned to be built. It will be shorter from existing one by 10 km. Besides, the road will ease the traffic on the way Gjábakkavegur, going along the Northern bank of Þingvallavatn. The new road will run along the south bank of the lake, next by the bridge on the river Sogsósá and through 2 km long tunnel Jórukleif. The road will be comfortable, pleasant and used by the power station in Nesjavellir. It seems that this rout will run below present one going through Mosfellsheiði and the time of the journey from Laugarvatn to the capital will be shorter by 15 minutes.

2005 July 16:
New Icelandic potatoes, first in this year, appeared yesterday in shops in Reykjavík. They originate from the potato farm in Þykkvibær. The delivery took place early morning, the same day, that it was a year ago. For the first time breeders of potatoes plan to offer the delivery of new potatoes every day and it will deliver them until the end of the season. All potatoes, which were offered yesterday in capital shops, have been completely sold out.

2005 July 15:
According to the radio station RÚV, the sale of tickets to warm countries "has jumped" recently. Most of excursions is sold out, and trips on the beach rest are reserved for many weeks forward. The employee of tourist agencies confirm that from the end of June and the beginning of July the interest with spending of holidays in warm and solar places drastically increased.

2005 July 14:
The body of the man in the full cask of cement has been found this week in Boksburg, RPA. According to African mass media, this is the body of Icelander who spent last 10 years in South Africa and has given neither hide nor hair for five weeks. The woman and the man has been already stopped in connection with this matter, suspected for the murder. The the research of DNA is planned. Iceland Ministry of Foreign Affairs waits for further information from police from RPA.

2005 July 13:
Og Vodafone introduced to a new service under the name 1010. The customers can ring abroad cheaper. You choose 1010 instead of 00 and then the conversation will be counted with a discount 16-40% of the general price. It is no necessity of special entering for the service. She is obligatory for all stationary telephones and subscription GSM.

2005 July 12:
The police from Hvolsvöllur intervened in the matter of the German tourist which was planning to go yesterday evening through Þórsmörk. The woman was travelling round Iceland with her own 3 years old son. However to the expedition into interior and for the weather conditions she was not properly equipped. She had only light clotheses, a mattress and a sleeping-bag. The police turned back the woman from the way and transported her to Vík. Today she will be transported to Seyðisfjörður, because she must catch the ferry which sails away on Thursday.

2005 July 11:
In three persons aged 19-25 years the symptoms of mumps have been recognized. This is vary interested by the fact that for many years nobody on Iceland did not fall ill on mumps. The infection with the virus of this illness can be very dangerous. It can cause the meningitis, the hearing loss and even the sterility at men connected with the infection of testicles.

2005 July 10:
Almost 90 kg halibut was unloaded ashore in Patreksfjörður yesterday. This giant has been caught by Gunnar Bjarnson sailing on the boat Sæfari B.A. The fisherman says that the halibut appeared on surface unexpectedly and he had to ask for help fishermen from nearest boat to carry the fish aboard of Sæfari. The halibut weighs exactly 88 kg and has 2 metres and 7 cm in lengths. It had been caught 16 miles south of Látrabjarg and sold for over 500 ISK for one kilogramme.

2005 July 09:
Samskip has bought British shipping lines "Seawheel". Earlier this year, Samskip purchased the Dutch transport firm "Geest North Sea Line" and became one of the biggest sea-transporting firms in Europe. Seawheel has been existed for 35 years and owned 12 container ships which regularly sailed in Northern Europe. After the last purchase, Samskip will have 36 container ships.

2005 July 08:
The group hike champions plans to climb up on 24 peaks in Glerárdalur during only one day this weekend. The total length of the rout amounts 50 km and the total height is 4 000 metres. The originator of this mountain-climbing is Ragnar Sverrison, an merchant from Akureyri. The similar achievement was executed 2 years ago by Þorvaldur Þórsson who climbed up 17 tops during half a day.

2005 July 07:
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Davíð Oddsson, just after the information about the terrorist attacks in London, expressed on behave of all Icelanders the solidarity with British nation. Foreign Office opened a special line: 545 99 00 where Icelanders can get informations about their relatives and friends who live now in England. About 2000 Icelanders live and work in the British capital. Among them are 50 workers of Landsbanki. At the underground station on Adalgate the head office of the bank Teather and Greenwood is situated. This bank belongs to Landsbanki. At the time of the explosion several Icelanders were worked in the building.

2005 July 06:
The British singer Eric Clapton spends his hollidays at present on Iceland, where he is giving himself fishing in the river Laxá in Ásum. This is not the first time when Eric came for this purpose on Iceland. In preceding years he also arrived to fish on those regions. The artist is very satisfied from its own results. For example the day before yesterday he caught ten salmons and his friend five ones.

2005 July 05:
Dozens of youths, realizing their own dreams, came yesterday on casting to the Clint Eastwood’s film: "Flags of our fathers" which took place in Keflavík. People to walk-on are wanted who in the film will play soldiers. For now about 60 - 70 persons have been choosen but Eastwood needs 500.

2005 July 04:
The way through Fagrídalur valley, between Egilsstaðir and Reyðarfjörður has been closed yesterday because of earth avalanche. Very bad weather was yesterday in this region - strong rain and gale. At least six cars were blocked in the place of event. Predictions for the evening were not optimistic because of the danger of a new avalanche. Initially was announced that the way could be reopen far into the night.

2005 July 03:
Doctor Eva - Elvira Klonowski is in the group of 1000 women from the whole world who are apponitived to peaceful Nobel prize. Eva is a professor of anthropology working on the exhumation and the identification of bodies of killed people in Bosnia during the war in 1992 - 1995. Her work was financed in part by Icelandic government in the past years. Eva Klonowski was born in Poland and has moved to Iceland in 1982.

2005 July 02:
The gymkhana - Fjórðungsmót, taking place in west Iceland in Kaldármelar, began on thursday. The competition will last to 3 July. About 250 horses are registered to the gymkhana. The main events will be: the contest in tölt, race, and showing how to care about horses. Tölt is a characteristic four-tact walk of Icelandic horses which looks like run walk. Fjórðungsmót attracted over 2500 spectators from all Iceland.

2005 July 01:
The record of the number of planes flying by over the territory of Iceland was broken yesterday night. Because of very advantageous conditions in higher parties of the atmosphere, over 500 planes appear flying mostly to the west through Atlantic. Pilots wanted to use favourable winds and thanks to it shorten the time of flight and save some fuel. While in normal days in the control flights center in Reykjavík work about six persons at the same time, this night had to be twice more workers.

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